Residential Traditional Rib Metal

Economic Metal Roofing 

Standard features of the traditional rib metal  

  • Low maintenance 
  • 50 year warranty on the paint 
  • We typically install the heavier 27 gauge metal
  • Exposed screws that have a 50 year warranty

Color Options

Attractive Design

The symmetrical pattern of Everlast II™ creates an attractive board and batten look, which is a popular choice. The crisp, clean appearance, along with the variety of color options available, make it the perfect roof for residential buildings. A full line of trims and accessories are available to complete your building project. The panels, which interlock to create the attractive look, also provide for the weathertight seal. They have a deep antisiphon groove, which protects against leakage. 

Superior Strength

Everlast II™ is 38” wide and provides 36” of coverage. The major ribs are 9” apart and approximately 3/4” high with two minor ribs in between that are a full 3/16” high. A stiffener is added to all the major ribs, which, along with the superior thickness of the steel, makes this panel extremely strong. This not only adds considerable durability to your building, but also prevents rippling during the construction process. 

About Metal Plus Construction 

As a Bedford metal roofing specialist Metal Plus Construction, LLC is your best choice if you are going to opt for a metal roof. Our experience installing metal roofing on Bedford homes allows us the ability to install a metal roof of any shape or size. At Metal Plus Construction, LLC we always place our Bedford roofing customers first.

The sheeting for metal roofing generally consists of galvanized steel in a corrugated form. Metal Plus Construction, LLC believes that there are many advantages to using metal roofing for your needs.

For instance, metal roofing is quite lightweight. This makes metal roofing an ideal roofing material if you live in area that is prone to natural disasters or in a colder climate with heavy snow and ice coverage. Another advantage of metal roofing is that metal roofing is very durable and the average lifespan for metal roofing is about 25 years, which is double that of the typical asphalt material used in the Bedford roofing industry. Metal Plus Construction, LLC can also provide you with added durability via aluminum alloy insulation. Metal Plus Construction, LLC has scientific evidence that this added insulation can increase the lifespan of a roof by up to 50%. 

Metal Plus Construction, LLC also recommends metal roofing because of its optimal weight to strength ratio and impressive flexibility. Metal roofing is also a great choice due to its resistance against wind, fire, and hailstorms. Interestingly, most metal roofing materials such as copper and aluminum consist of 95% biodegradable alloys which make it a great option if you are concerned about the environmental impact of your roof.

Metal roofing is energy and labour efficient, and has minimal upkeep requirements. However, installation of metal roofing is not foolproof. The inefficient use of compounds and their subsequent mixing can exacerbate erosion thereby shortening the lifespan of your Bedford roof. That is why installation by a certified professional installer such as Metal Plus Construction, LLC is incredibly important.