Residential Metal Shingle Roof

Shingled look in a durable metal quality 

What are the benefits of a metal shingle roof? 

  • Low maintenance 
  • Durability, performance and protection that will last
  • Unique profiles that add a distictive look to your home

Styles of Metal Shingles  

Pine-Crest Shake

Engineered to replicate hand-split wood shake with the durability of steel.


A low-profile high wind resistant shingle that adds long-life and beauty.


Enhanced High-Definition two color blend that creates a clean, classic mid-profile shingle look.


The traditional look of High-Barrel Spanish tile that enhances your home’s curb appeal.

Pacific Tile

Mediterranean Villa, medium profile tile that emulates the traditional style of southern Europe.

Villa Tile

Exquisitely replicating the vivid level of detail and dimension of Old-World Italian clay tiles, DECRA Villa Tile brings durable beauty and the luxurious appeal without the deficiencies of clay which cracks easily and is vulnerable to hail and storm debris impact. 


The traditional clay tile roof is a mandatory design element for enhancing the exotic cupolas and complex roof tiers prevalent in Mediterranean themes. DECRA Tile provides this essential scalloped-style aesthetic without the shortcomings of clay.

Shingle XD

Ideal for designs relying on the the look of heavy-cut wood shingles, DECRA Shingle XD provides the thick-cut edges and deep, distinctive shadow lines of architectural shingles at half the weight and with the strength and longevity that only stone-coated steel can offer.

Shake XD

The rustic beauty and architectural detail of a thick, rustic, hand-split wood shake can endure for a lifetime with DECRA Shake XD. The durability and unsurpassed strength of stone-coated steel requires little to no maintenance and won't turn gray after a few months like traditional shake. 


The distinctive shadow lines of cedar shake provide a rich, thick, and heavy appearance that compliments any home. DECRA Shake provides this sophisticated design element without the ongoing maintenance or environmental shortcomings of conventional shake.