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Built-up tar and gravel roofing in Bedford

Metal Plus Construction, LLC are specialists in built-up roofing systems (BUR) using tar and gravel. We use modified heated bitumen membranes to achieve the desired result. We also occasionally use an unheated polymer based membrane system depending on the Bedford roofing project. Moreover, while Metal Plus Construction, LLC has devoted an ample amount of roofing resources to R&D to improve our BUR roofing systems we currently recommend asphalt as our #1 roofing adhesive because its waterproof bonding ability is currently unrivalled on the Bedford roofing market.

Furthermore, Metal Plus Construction, LLC is a firm believer in the BUR roofing system due to its proven track record of over a century. We also believe that the multiple layered and elemental protection that the BUR roofing system provides; as well as its relative ease of repair; makes BUR an exceptional choice for your Bedford roofing needs. In addition, we recommend BUR due to newfound advances in BUR systems that allow us to eliminate 90% of the fumes emitted by asphalt; by doing so we can reduce the need for overtime and be less of an inconvenience for our commercial and industrial clients.

Nevertheless, some of our commercial and industrial Bedford roofing clients have had concerns about the cost of BUR systems over alternative roofing systems. While BUR systems may cost more during the start-up phase, we believe that our industrial and commercial roofing partners will receive a substantial return on their investment in the foreseeable future due to the impressive longevity that only BUR roofing systems can provide.

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In addition, Metal Plus Construction, LLC believes that low slope based complexes would be better suited to the application of tar and gravel based materials. Essentially we superimpose layers of tar paper and asphalt that are set in place via molten asphalt. We then laminate the layers and conclude by applying gravel over the layers in order to solidify the structure and offer protection against harmful ultraviolent rays. Moreover, longitudinal studies have shown that the typical lifespan for a tar and gravel BUR system is 15 years, although extraneous conditions can increase or decrease the lifespan substantially.

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