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Chimney sweeping services in Johnstown

If you use a fireplace or wood burning stove in your home, you need to make sure that your chimney is kept clean and free of obstructions. Here at Metal Plus Construction, LLC, we offer a full variety of chimney services, but the most important by far is chimney cleaning. Chimney sweeping seems like a simple process, but it requires experience and expertise to make sure the job is done properly, and to keep your property and your family safe. We have been cleaning Johnstown's chimneys for years and you can trust us to make sure that your chimney is in top condition.

Why do I need to have my chimney swept?

You chimney's job is to safely and easily remove the harmful byproducts of fire from your home. If your chimney is not functioning properly, smoke, gases, and other substances can make their way back into your home where they can damage your property and affect the health of your family. Over time, soot and debris can build up in your chimney, forming blockages that prevent material from escaping. Even more importantly, creosote (a natural byproduct of burning wood) will build up in your chimney. Creosote is highly flammable and is the leading cause of chimney fires. Make the right choice to keep your family safe, and hire professionals to keep your chimney clean.

How often should I have my chimney cleaned?

The short answer is that every chimney should be inspected and cleaned at least once per year. However, if your fireplace or stove is in frequent use, it may be necessary to clean your chimney more frequently. If you notice a significant amount of sooty buildup in your chimney, or any glazed creosote, it is important that you have your chimney cleaned as soon as possible. These materials could lead to smoke damage to your home's interior, or even a house fire.

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